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10th Anniversary - 26 November 2016




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Established November 2006  | has no affiliation with the Phoenix Family

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By WEBBY, Oct 26 2016 06:30PM

Another article added to IN THE PRESS from the Gainesville Sun - You'll find it under the BIO tab in the main menu.

By WEBBY, Oct 25 2016 07:04PM

The QUOTES page has now been split into two separate pages - RIVER QUOTES and QUOTES ABOUT RIVER. Both have also been updated.

The MEMORIAL GARDEN page has been renamed THE RIVER PHOENIX MEMORIAL GARDEN, and I've also added a new page - THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KOI. You'll find both pages under the LIGHT A CANDLE tab in the main menu.

THE REAL RIV has been updated with another story.


By WEBBY, Oct 22 2016 04:06PM

I've updated the SoundCloud profile. There are a few I haven't been able to add or upload, but most are there, in full or as a preview :)

By WEBBY, Oct 18 2016 05:54PM

I've re-added the Dewey Melton story to THE REAL RIV - You'll find it in the main menu.

By WEBBY, Oct 17 2016 06:55PM

Take a look at the new page - IN THE PRESS - It replaces the Articles page. You'll find it under the BIO tab in the main menu.

By WEBBY, Oct 16 2016 05:34PM

I've re-added In Search Of River Phoenix: The Truth Behind The Myth - You'll find it under the BIO tab in the main menu. I've also updated the BIO page.

By WEBBY, Oct 15 2016 03:25PM

I've re-added the Fanlisting (most of the entries were lost after the software upgrade, grrr) - the link to it is in the side menu.

By WEBBY, Oct 14 2016 07:08PM

I'm slowly re-adding all the content that was lost during the software upgrade - It's a little time consuming, so please bear with me. I've also found some "new" stuff that I'll be adding too :)

With River's anniversary fast approaching, I'd like to get it completed. Here's hoping there's no more upgrades any time soon! *rolls eyes*

Thank you all for your patience, and your continued support - WEBBY :)

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