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10th Anniversary - 26 November 2016




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Established November 2006  | has no affiliation with the Phoenix Family

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You have created a truly charming and very touching site for River, and I thank you tremendously.

Much good wishes to you.


All cheers







Even though I wasn't born when the movie was released, Stand By Me was the movie that brings back memories for me. The summer that I first saw it was 1995 when I was 8 and immediately after seeing it, I wanted to go on adventures (whether it be over the local park or in my back garden). There's no way me and my friends would have packed a rucksack and gone walking for miles like in the movie or we would have gotten in so much trouble! But thanks to that movie, I had some of my best childhood moments.





Previously, my country was part of the USSR, so we didn't know what was happening in the world, had almost no opportunity to watch your movies and I knew almost nothing about River. It was for me only beautiful actor and a nice guy. But later I had the opportunity to read a lot about him on the internet, I learned what it was unusual and a good man, young and very wise. River became a part of my life. I can not make the same global affairs, as he did, but I began to consciously relate to the world around us - nature, animals, and of course I'm a vegetarian:). I think about him every day, and I am very sorry that we can not grow up together and I will not see his new movies. Thank you, that you were, River!





For the longest time, I had questioned myself, time and time again... why is it that the late actor, River Phoenix has become such an important part of my life? Why is it that he is the only one actor who stands out from the rest that I have admired before and after him? Why is it that after he had passed away, I just couldn't seem to let go? Why is it that he still has a place in my heart? With all these questions lingering in my mind over and over, I still had yet to find and know the answer. But it seems now that it has come to me, and it all just makes perfect sense.


During my years of childhood and into my teenage years, I had always been known to be the type who was shy and quiet. I had friends growing up. But I was never popular and always felt that there were girls who were far more prettier than I was. I was never the type to make guys head turn around and take notice.


But one day, it was just that one person that came into my life, that would literally touch my heart in such a profound way. That very person was River Phoenix. It was during the late summer of 1986 and the movie Stand By Me had just been released in the theaters. I was 17 years old and had then just discovered 16 year old River Phoenix.


By late March 1987, River's then new movie, Little Nikita had started filming production throughout the city of San Diego. The very same city where I grew up and was living at the time ( and now living out of state). Luck of fortune and fate would soon take place, as Director Richard Benjamin had invited the public to an on location filming of a parade scene to take place in La Mesa (just a few miles east of San Diego). This was an opportunity that I didn't want to miss.


On the 29th of March, my mother and I had made our way to La Mesa. I wasn't sure what to expect being on a movie set and even more so, what River would be like in person. As I had soon found out, filming a movie was hard work and very tiring, as the same scene had been repeatedly filmed for a good several hours. In between from filming were short breaks, and I had the opportunity to see what sort of person River was really like. With that in mind, I was not disappointed with what I saw. River was very down to earth and very nice. Throughout the day, there were several movie breaks. But there was one that had stood out from the rest.


During one break in particular, there was concern for River. As the news had first gotten around, there was mention that River was somehow injured and that blood was dripping on his arm and jacket. But we were quickly informed correctly of what really happened to River. What really did happen was at one point River had been using a pen to sign autographs with, and it had leaked all over himself. River must have said something about his ordeal, because he had then gotten off of the float. A gentleman had then approached River. He had taken off his sunglasses and gave them to River. River then had decided to wear them. During the whole time River was being taken care of, he had been looking my way. Seeing that River looked really cool, I had begged my mother to take a picture of him... and she did. Just as my mother had turned around to talk to me, River then, with his right hand, tilts the sunglasses down to see who I was and the most flirtatious grin had appeared on his face. I couldn't believe it and it had left me speechless.


With recognition like that coming from someone who's a complete stranger, and even more so from an actor, the feeling for me was overwhelming. Why was it that River wanted to see who I was? Why was it that he even bothered about a regular average person such as myself? It had occured to me that River did really care. That he had opened his heart to someone to whom he did not even know. With no physical contact, no verbal words exchanged... just eye contact and an unforgettable smile. That to me meant something very special. It was that special attention I had gotten from River that I had never gotten before by any other boy that was around my age.


There was more to River than just the day I had seen him in person. It was also what he had taught me as well. He gave me a better understanding and broader perspective on issues and concerns, that really we should be more aware of. Such things that I had learned from River were, vegetarianism, animal-rights, the environment, and those who may be less fortunate. If I had never known about his knowledge and his "voice" being heard, I would still be naive to this day.


To have received so much positivity from knowing about River is something worth holding on to. And I clearly see now as to "why" River Phoenix will forever be a part of my life.



ANDREA - 21 JUNE 2011


Hi, I just came across your website and I love it. Great job and amazing tribute to River.



EMMA - 31 MAY 2011


I am only thirteen, and I have only recently discovered River Phoenix a few months ago, and I am truly obsessed. I've never felt so much towards a celebrity and more importantly, someone I never met, but he has a special way of touching you and I'm glad I'm not alone. I just wanted to thank you for being able to touch that light, but also inform people about every aspect of River. You've managed to cover him in a fine way - but leave out unnecessary and painful images like his coffin photo. And I just wanted to say, you really shouldn't close this site. It's wonderful. It'll be my inspiration for my own River site now. Thank you, so much. <33





An emotional return to the Viper Room the other night, my first since that early "morning" of 10.31.93 prompted me having to...walk through some stuff. In the process, I just watched MOPI a couple times and perused the internet and found sites like yours. River was a year younger than me and we had a bunch of other things in common...but what I wanted to tell you is that it's so important that the generation after ours (mine/River's) know him. I asked a bunch of 20somethings if they knew who River Phoenix was and a bunch of them didn't. So now it's my mission to make them all watch his movies :) Sites like yours are important. Don't let one asshole represent all the other people who enjoy what you do. There are people who are miserable and full of self-hatred and can't stand to see others happy. When people ask about River, I do my best to paint a realistic picture of him, but he really was...sitting there talking, laughing, gesturing, lighting one cigarette from another!...the coolest human I've ever seen in my life. Keep up the good work, Jeremy





I saw the message on the homepage and I don't think you're doing a thing wrong with this site - if anything, you're doing a great job! Just to let you know that I'm in support of you :D Keep up the wonderful work!





Hi, your site is great!!!

(I'm French so sorry for my English!)

Have a nice day





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