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10th Anniversary - 26 November 2016




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Established November 2006  | has no affiliation with the Phoenix Family

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When River moved to Gainesville, Florida with his family, he formed Aleka's Attic with his sister Rain, Josh Greenbaum and Josh McKay.  Over the next few years, some members left the band and were replaced.


At one stage, Aleka's Attic signed a record deal with Island Records - this was later abandoned, but River never gave up trying to have his music released.




"Aleka is a poet philosopher - and the attic is a meeting place where he lives and has a secret society.  People come and visit him and read his works, then he dies and they meet regularly and continue the reading of his works, and from that - learn their own, and become filled with this new passion for life, and they express it through music and form a band.  We've put it in a fairytale setting."






In early 1993, River began working on an Aleka's Attic album. It was, unfortunately, never completed -  though most of the recording was done. The album, which was going to be called 'Never Odd or Even,'  was recorded at his private studio in Micanopy, Florida and Pro Media Studios in Gainesville, Florida.



Here is the list of songs for the album:


Alone We Elope

Below Beloved

Bliss Is


Get Anything

Note to a Friend

Safety Pins and Army Boots

Scales and Fishnails


Solo 2x4

You're So Ostentatious 



These are the only Aleka's Attic songs that can be found on MP3:


Across The Way


Below Beloved


Blue Period




Too Many Colours


In The Corner Dunce


Note To A Friend


Popular Thinks


Where I'd Gone




Scales & Fishnails





River came up with the name 'Aleka's Attic.'  


The song 'Across The Way,' which was written by River and Josh McKay was included on the 1989 PETA benefit album - 'Tame Yourself.'  


In 1991, the director of 'My Own Private Idaho' - Gus Van Sant, included the song 'Too Many Colours' in the movie.  However, it does not appear on the Soundtrack.


The song 'Note To A Friend,' which was written by River, is included on the 1996 album - 'In Defence of Animals - Volume 2.'  The vocals for the song were performed by River and his sister Rain, and River's good friend Flea, from the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers' played bass guitar.


After the original break-up of the band - River, Josh Greenbaum and Flea played a gig in Los Angeles under the name of 'Tyrannosaurus.'


River and Josh McKay did an interview during a concert in New York, for a UK show called 'Best Of.'  Amanda De Cadenet was the interviewer.


In 1997 Michael Stipe bought all of Aleka's Attic's demo tapes and songs from Island Records.





"Music is a whole oasis in my head.  The creation process is so personal and fulfilling."


"Music is a hobby, because I'm not making any money out of it.  But I put as much conviction in that, as I do into my acting."